Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Colwyn bay Cricket Club

We meet at the Colwyn Bay Cricket Club twice a month.

Rhiannon's Quilt

Rhiannon has almost finished this lovely quilt. She started it a long time ago and has been a UFO for a few years but she is now determined to finish it.

Miriam's lovely textile work

All this wonderful work has been made by Miriam, with some work in progress.

Various textile techniques

This posting shows the variety of textile work undertaken by various members of the group.

Gaynor's main interest is quilting and this is work in progress. She enjoys teaching quilting to various groups.

Ann has been making these in the Welsh branch of the Embroiderer's Guild.

Trish has made this beautiful rug in her favourite colours.

Sue's work

You can see the print Sue made as inspiration for this piece of work during a group workshop given my Mary, another talented lady who belongs to the group.

The punk

Do you like Joan's punk? She is fantastic.

Another two doll's by Joan

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Two of Joan's dolls


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SereTex Tuesday 28th March

This is work in progress for our group project, 'Memories' using black, white and a touch of orange. Work shown here is by Rosemary, Rhiannon and Carol. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Gwyneth Knitting

(Click for a larger image)

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Gwyneth decided to bring her knitting to the meeting today and Joan is busy making a cord with a contraption using a hand drill.

Joan's cordmaking

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Mary and Jannine are watching Joan making her cord.

Rosemary, Jannine and Miriam

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Ann, Sue and Rhiannon

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Sue work in progress

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Ann's work in proress

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Miriam's work in progress

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Jannine's wrok 2 in progress

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Jannine's work in progress

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Joan's memories of Venice

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Sue's Memories Can be Orange

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Sue explained her work to me and it sounded fantastic, so I will wait for her own words to describe this piece.