Friday, January 11, 2013

Carol’s book workshop

Here are some photos of another great day at SerenTex. We all loved one of Carol’s little books and she was asked to give us a workshop on making it. she decided to demonstrate the first part of the workshop and then we will all get our papers ready for part 2 at home. the difficulty we have is carrying all the wet stuff home. there are also photos of work in progress for the Colwyn Bay pier project.


As you can see we are colour co-ordinated once more. You may wonder about those two little faces at the back? Well, they were not fully co-ordinated Smile BTW this was not prearranged.

P1010373   P1010374




Joan’s finished work. I sometimes put these images up the wrong way and get told off, but I think it just goes to prove what good designs they all are and will work well whichever way you show them.


Sue’s finished work.

I won’t name the unfinished pieces, but here they are, some of them in the process of being criticised – it is sometimes even suggested that the work be cut up and rearranged!

P1010364      P1010365     P1010376  

 P1010377     P1010395     P1010400