Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More textile

Joan and Gwyneth look very serious, they are discussiong Gwyneth's black, white and orange work for our group project.

This is a photo of Ann's work in progress.

Orinuno Patchwork

Gaynor and Rosemary have been doing some Orinuno Patchwork and we have decided we are all going to make our own versions of these at our next meeting. So watch this space.

Here are some samples of Gaynor's work.

My textile inspiration

Today is a Tuesday and we had our SerenTex meeting. There was just a small group of us today and I went there feeling quite dried up creatively but I came home inspired by what the others were doing.

/>Miriam showed us some more of her beautiful fibre bookarts, she is so very creative and always has something inspirational to show us. These were samples she prepared to show the secondary school pupils she was teaching at Bodelwyddan Castle, these classes were arranged by the Embroiderer's Guild. Miriam and Ann go and teach textiles regularly at local junior schools, but these were for older children.
They found that some groups were full of interest and enthusiasm but others were noisy and uninterested and some even had i-pods in their ears whilst they were being taught.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chinese gift

Mary did not forget her Serendip friends whie she was away. She very kindly brought us each a gift of an embroidered purse and these beautiful rosebuds which we are supposed to cover with boiling water and drink like tea.
I doubt if anyone can bring themselves to do that, those tiny rosebuds are far too perfect.
Thank you Mary, from us all.

Chinese Batik

Mary has just sent me this wonderful photo she took of a girl doing Batik where she bought her coat. The tool she is using is a triangle of metal attached to a handle and Mary was surprised they could make such intricate patterns with these tools they had. They did not use a tjanting(sp?) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chinese visit

Mary has just returned from a three week visit to China. She had a wonderful time and this afternoon she was wearing a beautiful batik coat she bought.
These are the details of her coat.
BATIK COAT. From the village MATAENG near KAILI Guizhou province. The people are called GEJIA and are descendents of a Mongolian warrior tribe. The coat is waxed using a small knife like tool& dyed in a strong Indigo dye which is grown locally. The pattern is based on a traditional creation story.

This is a photo Mary sent me this evening. I'm sure she can be persuaded to share a few more with us when she has had time to sort out all her images.

Textile projects

Here is Rosemary carrying on with the work she started at a class called One Stitch on Saturday. She has also been busy with her gold work.

Sue is stitching more of her 'eye candy' for a book of colour samples she is preparing.

A lady wanted to buy Joan's Punk doll, but as she does not want to part with her was commissioned to make another. Isn't she a beauty? Punk 2 decided to rest her head on her knee a while.

Gaynor was already settled and working when we arrived. This is a continuation of work she did at a recent Quilting class.

Textile group meeting

Here is Gwyneth working on her Memories project in our new home,Pentre Newydd Community Centre in Old Colwyn. If you look carefully at this photo you wou will see how comfortable the room is with easy chairs should we feel like a relaxing afternoon doing some hand stitching, but there are also plenty of tables and electricity outlets for machine stitching.

Gaynor, Mary and Rosemary.

Sue and Joan

There were only seven of us present today. Two of the group, Ann and Miriam work very hard with The Guild's Young Embroiderers and they have been teaching classes from local schools at Bodelwyddan Castle for the last three Tuesdays.

Janine was teaching C and G quilting at Coleg Menai and our other Ann(Cross)is busy doing her City and Guild Embroidery for the second time around. She felt embroidery has changed since she got her certificate and I know she is enjoying it very much.

Tricia is preparing for her son's wedding and lucky Carol is on holiday in Venice with her daughter. Sheila is busy looking after her young grandaughter.