Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ton Schulsen

Please go and have a look at these quilts by my friend Ulla Quilts nach Ton Schulten pictures from home & garden photos on webshots. She commented on the last post on Ton Schulsen.

This how Miriam cut up her Calendar Page to make another Ton Schulsen design. Watch this space for the next one, she's already made this lovely book cover.

Below is the page I should be working on. Did I tell you how we chose the pages from the Calendars? Everyone took the page for their own birthday month. Luckily Sue had more than one of these calendars as we both share the same month, even the same day! We are nearly there now as we both have our twin birthdays in February.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ton Schulsen

Vero left a comment on the last post as she has also used Ton Schulsen as inspiration with a group of ladies she's working with. So I have decided to make her an honorary member of SerenTex for this week and show a photo of her work which she gave me permission to share with you here. This is her blog Au Fil du Jardin do go and have a look at her lovely work.

Today I paid Joan a visit and took another photo of her work inspired by Ton Schulsen. It is developing beautifully, but I can tell you it's not going to be a panel or a book. Lets wait and she what she creates from it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SerenTex activity

See below how busy they all are!

Sue is making an altered book, just look at some of these wonderful textured papers she's made.

They are enjoying themselves! This is Mary's own special printing technique and below you can see some of the wonderful results of the afternoon.

Rosemary has been particularly busy this week. She made this wonderful bag and the casket.

A busy day at SerenTex

Please take the time to click on each image, they are worth taking a closer look.
This post has been amended Wednesday January 23rd.

Our latest project at SerenTex is to use the work of Dutch artist Ton Veldmeijer(of course she didn't, she brought in the work of another Ton from the Netherlands called Ton Schulten ) to inspire any type of textile work. Sue brought in some colourful calendars of this artists work. I have been unable to find any of this type of art by him on the Internet (With the help of Hilary Metcalf I have now found a great Website ) thanks Hilary. He has a Gallery, but not with the type of work we are using. Maybe someone who knows his work can help me here? This is where Hilary came in with her help.

Here is Janine studying the fabrics she has chosen for the project. She is the City and Guilds Quilting tutor at Coleg Menai, Bangor, North Wales, and I can imagine the wonderful way she will interpret this one. Janine stressed how important the balance of colour is. I shall remember this when I start to think about my own work for this.

If you look carefully you can see the page from the calendar here on the left. we were not allowed to choose our own page from the calendar, but had to take the page of our birthday month!

Miriam has already finished hers and It's fabulaous as usual. It's a book cover. Wonderful isn't it?

This is what Rosemary has made from her inspiration. Another great piece of work.

Here is another photo of the casket, this time with the inspiration.

Here is Joan's New Year card for Rosemary. It's a delightful card and quite unusual.We had so much going on today I will have to open another post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

SerenTex Annual Lunch

What a wonderful afternoon we spent chatting and generally having lots of fun. We all ate too much, but still managed the pudding. The Sticky Toffee Pudding was so nice I would willingly had that for the first and second course myself.

We had each made a card and then picked one made by someone else from the pile. I will show you some of the cards next time. Here they are on that lovely old fireplace at the Elizabethan Manor where we had our lunch. It's called y Faenol Fawr, a very popular hotel and restaurant in North Wales. The date on the fireplace says 1690, see more about the Manor House here Digital Gran: Reunion

This is decision time! What are we going to order?

Everything is settled and everyone is happy.

The stars of the show? Looks like it! We were presented with some lovely rosebuds by Sue.

Joan and Carol sitting quietly, but they are not always this sedate believe me.

The last photo today shows that we can be serious sometimes. (To be continued)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At last!

Joan and Sue are enjoying themselves on the computer. I am very pleased about that.

Miriam says Hello to Norm and Barb in Australia.

Gaynor is very busy as usual finishing another lovely quilt.

Gwyneth, Carol and Janine are studying something important. I seems to have had a photo of everyone present except Rhiannon and I was so very pleased to see she has made such a wonderful recovery after her recent hip replacement.

This is Joan's work in progress. we are doing a little project which we are hoping to complete by our first meeting in May. this time we are all making anything we like using the artist Ton schulten as our inspiration. Joan's is well on the way to being finished already.

Rhiannon has started on a second piece inspired by Ton!

These lovely books were made by Miriam. These are strikingly beautiful and I'd love to have a go at making some soon.

There is also something for the quilters here. This is Ann's quilt in progress.

gaynor's lovely quilt.

And here is our Janine who is making lots of these beautiful blocks. I'm sure we will be able to show you some finished ones soon.