Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A good afternoon Part 2

2012-12-11 14.20.02     2012-12-11 14.21.442012-12-11 14.24.04        2012-12-11 14.27.30 

The two ladies on the right are bragging and showing baby photos. Gwyneth has just become a Great Grandmother while Rhiannon thought she had done better as she has just become a Great Great Grandmother!

T2012-12-11 14.54.23Someone looks rather tired.

2012-12-11 14.54.482012-12-11 14.55.012012-12-11 14.58.44

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A good afternoon Part 1

This might become a very long post so I decided to split it up. I don’t think I need write a lot as the photos speak for themselves. Let’s just say it was a fun afternoon with a show, tell and suggestions as some members showed their work in progress for the Colwyn Bay Pier project.

2012-12-11 14.10.35    2012-12-11 14.11.072012-12-11 14.14.09      2012-12-11 14.17.382012-12-11 14.18.47  2012-12-11 14.21.442012-12-11 14.23.14   

                2012-12-11 14.52.20

We all made one Christmas each and then had a lucky dip, so had one each to take home.

2012-12-11 14.29.14

We all brought some nibbles!

                    2012-12-11 14.56.14

Friday, November 30, 2012

Rusty Crusty Fabric

We had a wonderful afternoon workshop with Carol (McFee) co-writer of Stitching the Textured Surface.


Carol made it all look so simple as we were shown various ways of using Cooking Foil to make fantastic, stitchable textile, using PVA, various paints and rust powder with white spirit. There are not many photos as the photographer was far too busy taking it all in and getting some foil decorated to take home.

P1060733 P1060739 P1060749

P1060746 P1060751 

P1060754 P1060753 P1060755

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A quiet afternoon

Maybe quiet is not the word I should have used here, what I meant was, we didn’t do a lot of work. IMG_0336

There were only six of us present for one reason or another. I know Sue is poorly so I will wish her a speedy recovery, it’s not the same without her. As you can see Trish is sketching ideas for the Colwyn Bay pier project.

PC 018

Rhiannon’s work is coming along well and looks fantastic. She also did some sketching and added a few stitches to her work.


Gaynor is also progressing well and is stitching her sky. I don’t think you can the see the stitching very well in this image unfortunately.


This is Joan’s sketchbook and it’s lovely. She made it from ideas in Angie Hughes’ book.

Ann took out her sewing machine, then packed it back again to take home and I don’t think she used it! As for me, I took my iPad with me. Took some photos and talked the rest of the time and felt really inspired and cheerful going home, so all in all a good meeting.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Work in Progress

This is Rhiannon's work in progress. It's all hand stitched and really wonderful. You might remember how it started?
Below is the the photo that inspired it taken at Plas Tan y Bwlch and the work in it's early stages.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Work in Progress

These photos show some of the work in progress for our latest project using the old Victorian pier Colwyn Bay as inspiration.

Trish and Jenny

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lost Photos

When I was writing last night's post using my iPad I couldn't find these photos,but they were safe in my laptop and I'm sure some of you will enjoy them.
This is Gaynor's lovely quilt, all hand-stitched with a close-up of it below.

Here they are studying Jannine's quilt, the stitching doesn't show in the photo I'm afraid, but if you study some of these photos below you will see details of this lovely work. 

Here is Ann who seems to be the only one working hard this afernoon.

And Wow! I don't believe it. someone brought in a laptop. Hurray to Rhiannon. I have been able to persuade a few of them to share the authorship of this blog and now that we do have some sort of connection to the internet here we might have some fun I must get ready to go to this afternoon's meeting.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Just look at those handbags.

And these were made by Neil, Mary's husband who sells them for charity.

I must admit that it's not all that easy to set out a neat blog using iPad, but maybe I just haven't got the hang of it yet?
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