Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A good afternoon Part 1

This might become a very long post so I decided to split it up. I don’t think I need write a lot as the photos speak for themselves. Let’s just say it was a fun afternoon with a show, tell and suggestions as some members showed their work in progress for the Colwyn Bay Pier project.

2012-12-11 14.10.35    2012-12-11 14.11.072012-12-11 14.14.09      2012-12-11 14.17.382012-12-11 14.18.47  2012-12-11 14.21.442012-12-11 14.23.14   

                2012-12-11 14.52.20

We all made one Christmas each and then had a lucky dip, so had one each to take home.

2012-12-11 14.29.14

We all brought some nibbles!

                    2012-12-11 14.56.14

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Heather said...

Wonderful drawings and samples. You are a clever lot. We had our group Christmas lunch yesterday with handmade cards too.