Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A drawing day with Mary (Spence)

We were all delighted to see Joan's 'Poodles' framed.

SerenTex went through a rather fallow patch over the last few months, due to illness, holidays, childminding and life in general. But yesterday made us realise what a wonderful group we belong to. We are like minded, get on very well together which is so important. We are all on the same wavelength and have a great time when we meet.

In November we are having an exhibition of some of our work at the Rhuddlan Library Gallery.

Yesterday we had a drawing workshop with Mary. It was fun, but we all learnt a lot from Mary's ideas, suggestions and advice. I think we will all be able to draw much better eyes from now on. Thanks Mary! I think one important lesson we all learnt, that even an hour's practice made us better artists. So the answer is to draw 'something' each day. We are going to have another drawing day soon. Below you can see some of the drawings we made of each other.

Mary is the one standing instructing Miriam and Rosemary. By the way, Miriam wants to say 'Hello' to her relatives in Australia! Thanks for looking at our blog.

This is the drawing Joan made of Gwyneth. Joan is the one standing behind Gwyneth.