Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The day Seren came to SerenTex

We have been waiting for this day since she was born and here she is at last, all the way from Canada. She's called Seren which is Star in Welsh and she certainly is a little star.

Here she is with her Oma. Mary already has a little grandson called Dylan in the Netherlands and she was there at his birth. The midwife said go to your Oma and she's been an Oma ever since.

And here is Seren with her Mummy and her admirers. She was far more interested in our works of art -the trees than her admirers! I'm sure if she could talk she would be telling us what to do with them. We are still in a state of indecision over them.

There are a couple of new ones in progress here.

If you looked at the blog last time you will have seen Janine's fabric for her wedding book. here is the finished article and it is so beautiful as you can see.

Then we had another lovely surprise, Anne dropped in to see us with her husband Joe. Anne has not been well recently and is waiting to go to hospital any day. We all wish you well Anne.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get well soon Anne

To Anne,

With love and best wishes
Cinderella, the Ugly Sisters and the rest of the gang at SerenTex

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


There are no problems here. This is a gift Janine is making for the bride and groom. It is going to be absolutely lovely and I do hope she will be able to bring it to show us before the wedding.

Now you can tell from these faces that there's a slight problem. When you see our trees individually they look good, but when you put them all together they don't look right somehow. We have been very lucky in the projects we have done so far that they have looked great when put together, but we can't get it right every time can we?

These two look very good next to each other. These are Spring trees.

These Winter trees don't seem right at all and I think I may have to make another tree using another technique. I quite like my tree actually, but it looks far too heavy beside all the other work having been made with the embellisher.

Let's hope when we next meet we can at least join a few trees that look good together to enter into the exhibition. There must be way of doing it!