Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 28th(Part 6)

These are some close-ups of those prints left on the table to dry.
I'm afraid this will be the last posting in SerenTex until after Christmas. I'm afraid I have missed one very important party, this was a special birthday for Joan. Now I'm going to miss another one, our Christmas party as I will be on holiday, but maybe someone else will take photos and I will be able to blog them.

November 28th(Part 5)

This was the most important part of the afternoon. Mary took a class of us a while ago making monoprints using photographic paper and Printing Inks. The process used rollers and stencils and anything else we could think of really. We had so much fun that day, Mary brings her equipment and inks with her now and then and those who want to, start printing. I think the idea this time was to prepare prints for making Christmas cards.

Mary set up the table and left them to it, while she and I played with the computer.

I forgot to take photos until most of them were finished, but here are some of the group still working.
Below is some of the finished work and in the next part if you are interested you can see a few close-ups.

November 28th(Part 4)

Here are some fantastic WIP's. This means Work In Progress.

The first is Sue's. What lovey rich colours.

Here is the secret of how Sue chose these colours for her work. She painted her ideas first and then coloured or found materials to suit. I think this is correct Sue?

The second is also Sue's and below is the work with her inspiration.

Here is Miriam's latest work. she coloured and felted these herself. A complete contrast to the work above, but just as beautiful. She is making one of these into a special needlecase for herself and she did tell me what the other was going to be, but I'm sorry I forgot what it was Miriam.

I was in a rush taking my photos yesterday and the tables in our room are white with coloured dots, so as not to spoil Miriam's lovely pale colours I have made a rather rough job of changing some of the backgrounds of these two photos.

November 28th(Part 3)

Here are some of the workers.

It doesn't look as if I'm doing much work does it? I was caught in the middle of a laugh here and I think you will have realised by now that we do quite a bit of laughing in our group. There is another photo of Miriam and Mary having a good laugh at the bottom of this post.

Miriam says I always seem to catch her with her glasses on the bottom of her nose these days. That was how I wore my glasses until I got fed up and started wearing them full time too.

Janine is very shy at having her photo taken and only did this to please me. It's a lovely photo Janine. Thank you.

november 28th (Part 2)

This is a tote bag Rhiannon made for herself some time ago, but this is the first time I have seen it. I think it's beautiful.

Gwyneth is very relieved to have finished her memories quilt and it was well worth the wait. Well done Gwyneth.

She also finished this tablecloth for the EG in memory of her mother. We both spent a very pleasurable day stitching out the wording with my Bernina embroidery module. Gwyneth feels she can now get on with some new work. Finishing UFO's is so very satisfying.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 28th Gaynor

Gaynor was very busy with her stitching this afternoon while the others were printing.

She was making her Japnese quilted squares and I thought these colours were lovely.

This is the lovely panel she has just finished, but the photos really don't do it justice. The flower centres are wonderful and I did take a closeup, shown below.
Lovely work Gaynor.

Check tomorrow for more SerenTex work.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Our garden project

I have tried to get a closeup from each panel to show the different techniques used.

St David's Hospice, Llandudno

This afternoon, instead of our usual meeting, we all visited The St. David's Hospice in Llandudno. We were warmly welcomed by the Hospice Manager and staff.
Eleven members of the group had taken part in a garden stitching project. Sue brought in an image of a garden she found in a magazine, this was split up between us so we could translate it into stitching, each using their chosen technique. We all had to try and keep as closely as possible to the colours in the images.
When they were all finished and brought together we found they made a complete image once more.
They were offered to the hospice and were gratefully accepted. The patients and visitors alike find them interesting and love touching and feeling them one by one. This is a good way of enjoying textile art.

This is what it looks like on the wall in the lounge.

We had our photos taken with the Hospice Manager, who stands on the left in the photo. I am sitting on the right in the front row. I mention this because I think this is the first time I have appeared on the blog as I'm always the other side of the camera. Two of the group who took part were unable to attend today and I hope Rosemary is feeling better and that Gwyneth is enjoying her holiday in Malta.

For those interested I will post more images and as many close-ups of the work as I can in the next posting.