Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A happy meeting

We had a very interesting meeting today, some people did manage some work and others spent the time catching up with each other’s news.

Serentex 002              Serentex 017

Both these lovely pieces above are Sue’s work. The one on the left is based on a workshop we had with Mary when we all listened to music and painted some artwork while listening. We then had to develop the work further and eventually create a piece of textile art from it. On the right is the work Sue developed from her collage of Welsh scenery for our latest project.

Serentex 019             Serentex 016

These were both made by Rosemary and she’s promised to some details of the special one on the left to share with you soon. The work on the right is again a scene from Wales developed from a collage fro the project.

Serentex 031            Serentex 032

These lovely collagraph prints were made by Trish.

EG exh 2011 069

We are all very proud of Trish, she won the Ann Cross Embroiderers’ Guild award this year with her lovely weaving of the seashore. She loves everything to do with the sea and it shows in this wonderful work. It was a great achievement considering the high quality of the work at the exhibition. Well done Trish.

Serentex 003

Gaynor is working on a quilt binding, busy as usual and I’m sure she’ll let me photograph the finished quit next time.

Serentex 025

When I arrived home I remembered that Rhiannon had also brought in a lovely piece of work in progress which I forgot to photograph, but instead I have another work of art, the cake she decorated for us today with the lovely coffee cakes made by Rosemary.