Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project continued

ST april 12th 006

Rosemary deserved this cup of tea and cake after explaining what we had to do next with our painted pieces of fabric. Watch this space! Some of the keen ones had already started.

ST april 12th 014  ST april 12th 010ST april 12th 009

Work In Progress.

ST april 12th 004 Mary is busy preparing for workshops she’s doing with people who are deaf and blind. A very worthy thing to do. Anyone who can think of a good project which will be saleable please add your suggestions to the Comments below. We have all promised to think of some ideas they can work on. The work will be sold.

ST april 12th 007ST april 12th 012

Just look at them enjoying their cakes. Rhiannon had made enough cakes to feed us all, but only 7 of us turned up today!

ST april 12th 002

Trish enjoying Joan’s photos.