Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Eye Candy

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You are so lucky to be able to see some of the work Sue(Gallagher)exhibited at the end of year show at Coleg Mennai a few weeks ago.
I may have mentioned it before, but Sue won the prestigious City and Guild's Gold Medal for her quilting a couple of years ago. She was presented with her Medal at a ceremony in London.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Miriam's Quilt

Miriam has almost finished this lovely quilt and she has called it 'Any old shirt'. She used shirts she had found in caharity shops in all shades of blue, plain, striped, checked and floral prints. Please click to see the larger images.

Here is a detail of the quilt.

Now our clever Miriam has made this bowl. She told me she had bought a cotton skirt that was far too long, so she cut a piece off the bottom and decided to use it to make a bowl, of course the piece she cut off the bottom was not enough, so the whole skirt went to make the bowl!

Full House

We had a lovely get together today and Carol was the only one who did not manage to join us. Rhiannon had baked a lovely chocolate sponge cake and two of us had brought biscuits, so the diet was forgotten for the afternoon. We chatted and laughed, but we also discussed work brought by members, pulling them to pieces and then advising on how to put them together again, even better than before. You would be surprised how much one can learn this way!

Mary was given the job of sketching our design ideas for a stitched piece of a 100 squares we are making for the Embroiderers' Guild. We volunteered as a group to start stitching one square each. It will then be taken to the Embroideres' Guild where other members will continue stitching the squares. It looks as if Mary had been left to it, but it the next couple of photos you will see that she's working to orders.

You would think that was the end of it, but no, someone had the idea of dumping all the yarn that was chosen in the middle of the square and take photos and work a design from that idea. Watch this space!

Mary's work


I promised you could see the whole of this piece when the presentation had been made. It's a commision Mary Spence has been working on for a gentleman who was retiring. It is full of memories, the school where he taught, his family, his connections with the coal mining valleys of South Wales, rugby and favourite views.
He was thrilled with it when he saw it for the first time on Sturday evening.

I will try and post a clearer image later on.

This is a taster. Today I have a Serendippity meeting, so hopefully more eye candy tonight. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work in progress 2

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This is Sue and her quilt in progress which was inspired by an old boat hull waiting to be re-painted. The colours and textures were photographed and used as inspiration for this work. It was originally a wide piece which she decided would look better cut in half. Sue has been doing a lot of lovely colourful painting as inspiration for fabric work recently at Coleg Mennai.

Rosemary has been working on this wonderful quilt since Christmas. It's not quite finished yet, but we'll have another look when it's complete.

If you have been following SerenTex you will know that Joan has been making wonderful dolls. Well, now she is making a book cover with a doll peeping out. She didn't tell me how she's going to fill her book, so we'll have to wait and see.

Now what you see here must be a secret as this is a tiny corner of a fantastic piece of work that Mary was commissioned to do, I do have photos of the whole work but can't show you that until the work has been presented to the owner on his retirement.

Work in progress

Today was the SerenTex meeting and we all had a most enjoyable afternoon. We had a show and tell of all our latest projects and I took loads of photos of 'work in progress'. (Please remember that clicking on the each image will give a large one)

Here is Gwyneth's black, white and orange coming along very nicely. The topic for this project of ours is 'memories' and this one brings back very happy ones to both Gwyneth and myself. I don't think I mentioned it before, but we are cousins and were brought up next door to each other in this little quarrying village and we both think this view is the most beautiful in the world. You can see the three peaks of Snowdon very clearly above the lake. It's a valley amongst the mountains of Snowdonia.

This is Joan's needlework box. This was made last year after a workshop Miriam gave us. Below is a closeup of the lid.

Below is a small sample of Orinuno patchwork, the Chinese patchwork that Gaynor and Rosemary were doing at the last meeting. Today Gaynor showed us all how to make these. This is one of Rosemary's samples and below is a bag she has just finished. Isn't it lovely?

Joan made these flowers after reading about the method in a book that has been published recently. I have had a 'senior moment' I forget it's name, but will Edit this post when I remember. The photo does not do them justice.