Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mary's work


I promised you could see the whole of this piece when the presentation had been made. It's a commision Mary Spence has been working on for a gentleman who was retiring. It is full of memories, the school where he taught, his family, his connections with the coal mining valleys of South Wales, rugby and favourite views.
He was thrilled with it when he saw it for the first time on Sturday evening.

I will try and post a clearer image later on.

This is a taster. Today I have a Serendippity meeting, so hopefully more eye candy tonight. Posted by Picasa


Micki said...

Wow! This is fantastic.

Dorothy said...

This is interesting Margaret... I assume it is phots printed onto fabric and then stitched?


MargaretR said...

The only parts of the piece that are printed are the photos of the people, his wife and daughters and his parents. All the rest is painted and stitched. Mary is a proper trained artist and she does the most wonderful work.