Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Work in progress 2

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This is Sue and her quilt in progress which was inspired by an old boat hull waiting to be re-painted. The colours and textures were photographed and used as inspiration for this work. It was originally a wide piece which she decided would look better cut in half. Sue has been doing a lot of lovely colourful painting as inspiration for fabric work recently at Coleg Mennai.

Rosemary has been working on this wonderful quilt since Christmas. It's not quite finished yet, but we'll have another look when it's complete.

If you have been following SerenTex you will know that Joan has been making wonderful dolls. Well, now she is making a book cover with a doll peeping out. She didn't tell me how she's going to fill her book, so we'll have to wait and see.

Now what you see here must be a secret as this is a tiny corner of a fantastic piece of work that Mary was commissioned to do, I do have photos of the whole work but can't show you that until the work has been presented to the owner on his retirement.

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Anonymous said...

Rosemary's work in progress is absolutely stunning - beyond belief, what alot of hard work!