Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Just Sue

This piece is called chasing Leaves. The dog just appeared out of nowhere. Can you see the dog?

I know you will all love this work done by Sue Galagher. All this is new work based on her art work. I don't think words are neccessary. Please enjoy it all.

A new project

We are starting on a new project with an image of Snowdonia as the inspiration.
This photo has now been cut into 12 pieces. Each piece was numbered and we drew lots for them. I swapped mine with Joan who found the sky and cloud she's picked a rather boring subject, but as I had just bought an Embllisher the sky and clouds seemed to be something that would work well with the machine, so I gave Joan the grass and small building that I had. These will be enlarged to 14"x12" each.
When we have all finished they will be brought together to make a complete piece of work which we hope to exhibit.

Making a start.

Here is what we are going to work from. It is a picture of Llyn Dywarchen above the Nantlle Valley. I used to walk there with my parents when I was a child. It has an island in the centre which floats at certain times, I must try and find some of the stories I have heard about it.

Sue with the matching skein of yarn she found for us.

Matching the yarn.

Miriam is writing our names on each relevant square, so we will know where each one goes when we finish.

Creative Grannies

This just shows that we are Grannies first, then stitchers!
Mary has just learnt that she is going to be a grandmother for the first time and here she proudly shows three photos of the baby and it's not even born yet. I don't know what she'll be like later on.
Carol is a proud great grandmother and here she is showing off her photos.
Sue is proud that she is to be a grandmother again and so am I.
Gaynor is very pleased that she is also to become a great aunt.

Ann has made some lovely bowls, she brought this one to show us today.

Gaynor has finished her quilt and a cushion and they are really special.