Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainforest and so on!

We had a wonderful afternoon at SerenTex and I will share a few snippets with you from our Rainforest exhibition which will be opening at the Ruthin Library, North Wales on May 15th and will be open until 19th June.

rainforest1  rainforest2rainforest3


The images above show some tiny details of the wonderful work that is being prpeared for the exhibition.

rainforest5 rainforest6 rainforest7

The above work will not be shown at the exhibition, but are also to be used shortly, so only some details are shown today.

rainforest 037

Here is a group of us doing Gaynor’s workshop this afternoon.

rainforest 010 

Rosemary working on one of her lovely quilts.

rainforest 011

I don’t know where Rosemary finds the time to do all this fantastic work, but I’m always so impressed with the quality and the quantity of work she makes. Today she surprised us all by bringing in one of her journal pages converted to textile and shown above. Isn’ t it wonderful?

rainforest 017 rainforest 019

rainforest 021

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gaynor’s Demo and more tasters from our Rainforest work

serentex 003

It was Gaynor’s turn to give us a demo this week and she showed us how to do some work using the hexagon and at the next meeting we will all be trying to turn out something similar.

serentex 019

This first piece of work is not from the Rainforest project, but is being stitched by Rosemary who says she picks it up now and then and continues adding to it. The textures are unbelievable.


serentex 007

Here is Sue showing us some of the work she’s making for another project of ours and it’s looking so good.

All the other photos are little tasters from the work in progress for our coming exhibition on The Rainforest.

serentex 009serentex 011 

serentex 013 serentex 016

Friday, April 02, 2010

Journaling session

serentex 016

Miriam is going to kill me when she see’s this. I’m sure she would like to say hello to her family in Australia!

serentex 018

serentex 020

But fair play to Miriam, she did find me these for my Journal.

serentex 012

And Sue would like to show her friend Sheila this little bit she’s just cut out for her journal page. Hi Sheila!

serentex 052

serentex 053 serentex 055

A few more pages from our Journal.