Friday, October 27, 2006

Yet more samples

I'm sure you will enjoy this work made by my friends in SerenTex over the last months.

More Serentex samples

Blogger was not very obliging last night, so in the end, I just gave up. But I never cease to wonder at how wonderful and simple it is to use, with so many people blogging every day. Well done, Blogger, I'm not complaining.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


As I was unable to go to the SerenTex meeting on Tuesday I thought I would put up some images you might not have seen before. I know some of you really enjoy seeing the group's work.
Unfortunately Blogger is not very obliging tonight, so I can only show you these two. i will put up some more tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More from SerenTex

Gwyneth loves goldwork and here she is stitching a table cloth in memory of her mother for her local Women's Institute, to celebrate their 60th anniversary.

This was difficult to photograph, being a dark green colour with lots of gold. I had taken my laptop with me and we spent the afternoon, designing the words for the cloth using the Artista software.

Miriam spent the afternoon felting and Ann demonstrated printing on fabric with Gaynor using her laptop and printer. I forgot to get a photo of the finished fabric.

Gaynor's quilted purse in progress.

So many of you commented on Rosemary's shells a couple of weeks ago, well I'm certain you will also love this quilt she's making. It is her memories of a holiday around Lake Garda with it's red rooftops. She has handstitched the names of villages she visited. Here is a detail(Blogger refuses to co-operate here and won't pick up the detail) I will try later.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Another good day

These two little ladies brought their knitting with them to today's meeting. Don't they look sweet!

I don't think it's wise to have these silly teenagers like Rhiannon in the group, but as she behaved well after a telling off, maybe she will be allowed to stay. This is some of her work. I think this is lovely.

Rhiannon calls this a 'Thing', but in fact it is a lovely felted vessel.

I think Joan wanted a little rest before she starts her next doll commission, so she experimented with silk paint on fabric with a stencil over the top, leave it to dry and the colours magically seep into the spaces. She also used nappy liners and transfer paints on the same piece.