Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There were only 8 of us at the SerenTex meeting today due to illness and family commitments.
Mary is in Canada where her daughter is due to have her baby any time now, we are thinking of you over there Mary. This was a draft and I have just heard from Mary, whose daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter and they have called her Seren.
I missed the last meeting and therefore missed seeing Catrin, Ann's little baby granddaughter.

Ann gave us a great demo today of a technique from Stitch magazine stamping flowers in paint on clear plastic and stitching into them before cutting out. (I need to check which issue it was in and the author). I will insert at a later date. We all thoroughly enjoyed the demo. As you can see there was much laughter again, wherever we are there's fun to be had. It's the demonstrator laughing here.

Don't they all look serious? It only lasted a few minutes believe me.

And Miriam (on the right above) is also very excited because she is going to be a grandmother again a baby for Stewart and Holly. Congratulations to you all!

You will be thinking we are not a very serious group of textile artists, but we do have our 'fairly' serious moments now and then. This is how Ann and Sue tried to get us sorted for our latest project. There are 14 members altogether, but 2 are unable to take part. There are 4 parts to this project, now how many papers are needed? Now we all understand or do we? This has us all in fits of laughter as you can see!

The cushion below was made by Sue Gallacher and she is going to raffle it at the Wales Regional Day in June and Joan has promised one of her beautiful dolls. I am going to buy heaps of tickets for this raffle draw!

You will find a close-up of this cushion here.

This is the beautiful box Rhiannon has just completed. It's lovely and so were the cakes she made for us. She's the 'tea lady' at the moment, but when I was the 'tea lady' I didn't spoil anyone by making cakes for every meeting.