Friday, July 30, 2010

Work to show

Serentex 004

Serentex 006

I’m not going to mention the friend Sue waves to in this post as I just noticed that I used her name 4 times in 2 sentences in my last post. But this work is Sue’s using printing inks at Plas.

Serentex 007

Just look at this one!

Llandysul 094 Llandysul 095

Again, the two above were also by Sue.

Serentex 010

This is a piece of work by Rosemary developed from a workshop we had with Janine. Wonderful.

Serentex 011

Another piece of work by Rosemary, this time after a workshop given by Mary.

Serentex 016

Rhiannon made this one after  workshop by Miriam based on Hilary Hollingworth’s article in Stitch magazine.

Serentex 020

Janine wearing the scarf she made after a Workshop with Helen Melvin.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Egyptian wall paintings

Llandysul 093

You may remember way back in August of last year at our AGM there were photos of our Egyptian work in progress? Well, we were all very sceptical and didn’t think this was going to work and some of us found it quite difficult. We made fun of Mary, who had the idea. We should have listened to her, because she was right, as usual. Here is the work and it’s almost finished with all the work joined together by Mary. She is standing at the right and the feet and hands belong to Sue.

Sue wants to say hello to Sheila, so I thought I’d better show her face as well. We all wish you well Sheila and hope you will feel a lot better soon after your recent accident.

Llandysul 088

Hi Sheila! Sorry it’s rather blurred, but she would wiggle her fingers. (Sheila is the main member of our fan club and is just home from the hospital)

Llandysul 084

We are continuing with a fun weaving project which has proved very popular and we have been tutored by Trish. I will be showing some finished work before long.Llandysul 085

Sue’s darning.

Llandysul 086

Rhiannon’s darning.

This is a project done last month with Miriam teaching us. I’m afraid this blog is behind schedule at the moment, so here is today’s work and hopefully working the way back in the next few days.

Llandysul 089

Rhiannon excelled herself and these cakes were mouth watering as you can see from the next photo of Joan and Rhiannon.

Llandysul 092

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Our Rainforest Exhibition

I know I promised to share full photos of the exhibition with you but I haven’t blogged for a while as I have been rather busy. But here are the ones I found for you tonight.

SerenTex 004

Carol Lee

SerenTex 006 SerenTex 007

SerenTex 008 SerenTex 009

Joan exhibition 048

Rosemary Kenyon

Joan exhibition 041

Joan exhibition 040

Sue Gallacher

Joan exhibition 034

Joan exhibition 019

Joan exhibition 033

Joan Park

SerenTex 016

Gwyneth Green

SerenTex 031

SerenTex 030

SerenTex 033

SerenTex 027

SerenTex 029

Mary Spence

SerenTex 021

Rhiannon Jones


SerenTex 011

SerenTex 005 Janine Jones

Above was difficult to photograph because it was under glass.

rainforest 004

framed rainforest shadow

rainforest 014

Margaret Roberts

Enjoy our exhibition.