Friday, July 30, 2010

Work to show

Serentex 004

Serentex 006

I’m not going to mention the friend Sue waves to in this post as I just noticed that I used her name 4 times in 2 sentences in my last post. But this work is Sue’s using printing inks at Plas.

Serentex 007

Just look at this one!

Llandysul 094 Llandysul 095

Again, the two above were also by Sue.

Serentex 010

This is a piece of work by Rosemary developed from a workshop we had with Janine. Wonderful.

Serentex 011

Another piece of work by Rosemary, this time after a workshop given by Mary.

Serentex 016

Rhiannon made this one after  workshop by Miriam based on Hilary Hollingworth’s article in Stitch magazine.

Serentex 020

Janine wearing the scarf she made after a Workshop with Helen Melvin.

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