Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christmas/Easter Lunch

The SerenTex members have been too busy to stop for their Christmas lunch this year, but now it’s nearly Easter we decided to combine the two and we had a lovely afternoon at the Pen y Bryn Restaurant, Colwyn Heights.  

st xmas lunch 052

You may remember we painted the large sheet of calico donated by Sheila and Sue cut it all up so we could have a piece each. She wrapped each one up separately and put them all in a plastic back and we had a lucky dip. now we will see what everyone makes from their piece. It must be something inspired by architecture.

st xmas lunch 053 

Here is Sue greeting Sheila with her piece of painted fabric.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thank you Sheila

This post is written especially for our main fan, Sheila. She donated this large piece of calico (amongst loads of other fabrics) to us and using it has given us a lot of pleasure and many more hours developing it further. Sue took the Workshop and brought all her paints and brushes with her for our use and did all the supervising which is no mean task believe me. we all took part in painting this large piece of fabric using any colours we fancied, then moved around the table painting on a different patch each time.

ST 8 march11 002      ST 8 march11 004

This piece was very wet, but there’s a clothes line in the centre for us.

ST 8 march11 011

Now doesn’t it look good?

ST 8 march11 012

Now the fun begins. I noticed the shadows and remembered how I used to make shapes on the wall when I was a child.

ST 8 march11 014 ST 8 march11 015 ST 8 march11 016 ST 8 march11 017

ST 8 march11 020

I like that idea, but this time the topic is architecture, not hands. This fabric will be cut up to give us a piece each to develop ourselves, so watch this space!

ST 8 march11 023 

We deserved a cup of tea and a piece of that lovely lemon sponge cake made by Rhiannon once more. It was mouth-watering.

ST 8 march11 026    ST 8 march11 027

These are are pages from Sue’s mixed media journal. very inspiring. The one on the right was a firm favourite with everyone. I was going to add a video of them chattering away Sheila so you could hear how noisy they are, but it won’t upload just now.If you check back later it might have arrived. i hope you enjoyed the afternoon with us?

A noisy lot, this will surprise them all!