Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Full House

We had a lovely get together today and Carol was the only one who did not manage to join us. Rhiannon had baked a lovely chocolate sponge cake and two of us had brought biscuits, so the diet was forgotten for the afternoon. We chatted and laughed, but we also discussed work brought by members, pulling them to pieces and then advising on how to put them together again, even better than before. You would be surprised how much one can learn this way!

Mary was given the job of sketching our design ideas for a stitched piece of a 100 squares we are making for the Embroiderers' Guild. We volunteered as a group to start stitching one square each. It will then be taken to the Embroideres' Guild where other members will continue stitching the squares. It looks as if Mary had been left to it, but it the next couple of photos you will see that she's working to orders.

You would think that was the end of it, but no, someone had the idea of dumping all the yarn that was chosen in the middle of the square and take photos and work a design from that idea. Watch this space!

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