Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 28th(Part 4)

Here are some fantastic WIP's. This means Work In Progress.

The first is Sue's. What lovey rich colours.

Here is the secret of how Sue chose these colours for her work. She painted her ideas first and then coloured or found materials to suit. I think this is correct Sue?

The second is also Sue's and below is the work with her inspiration.

Here is Miriam's latest work. she coloured and felted these herself. A complete contrast to the work above, but just as beautiful. She is making one of these into a special needlecase for herself and she did tell me what the other was going to be, but I'm sorry I forgot what it was Miriam.

I was in a rush taking my photos yesterday and the tables in our room are white with coloured dots, so as not to spoil Miriam's lovely pale colours I have made a rather rough job of changing some of the backgrounds of these two photos.

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