Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lost Photos

When I was writing last night's post using my iPad I couldn't find these photos,but they were safe in my laptop and I'm sure some of you will enjoy them.
This is Gaynor's lovely quilt, all hand-stitched with a close-up of it below.

Here they are studying Jannine's quilt, the stitching doesn't show in the photo I'm afraid, but if you study some of these photos below you will see details of this lovely work. 

Here is Ann who seems to be the only one working hard this afernoon.

And Wow! I don't believe it. someone brought in a laptop. Hurray to Rhiannon. I have been able to persuade a few of them to share the authorship of this blog and now that we do have some sort of connection to the internet here we might have some fun I must get ready to go to this afternoon's meeting.

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Liz Taylor said...

Margaret, after you have uploaded your photo & add it to the new post you are creating , there is an option on the left hand side to help you alter the size of the picture & if you want it left ,centre or right position. If you get stuck, blogger help is a good help source. Lizzie.