Tuesday, January 08, 2008

At last!

Joan and Sue are enjoying themselves on the computer. I am very pleased about that.

Miriam says Hello to Norm and Barb in Australia.

Gaynor is very busy as usual finishing another lovely quilt.

Gwyneth, Carol and Janine are studying something important. I seems to have had a photo of everyone present except Rhiannon and I was so very pleased to see she has made such a wonderful recovery after her recent hip replacement.

This is Joan's work in progress. we are doing a little project which we are hoping to complete by our first meeting in May. this time we are all making anything we like using the artist Ton schulten as our inspiration. Joan's is well on the way to being finished already.

Rhiannon has started on a second piece inspired by Ton!

These lovely books were made by Miriam. These are strikingly beautiful and I'd love to have a go at making some soon.

There is also something for the quilters here. This is Ann's quilt in progress.

gaynor's lovely quilt.

And here is our Janine who is making lots of these beautiful blocks. I'm sure we will be able to show you some finished ones soon.


Stitchety Grub said...

It's so lovely to see your ladies and what they have been making ...Happy New Year to all
Britt :-)

Julie said...

Some beautiful work here! Well done everyone! :)