Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More textile

Joan and Gwyneth look very serious, they are discussiong Gwyneth's black, white and orange work for our group project.

This is a photo of Ann's work in progress.


jenclair said...

How much knowledge and creativity can one group hold? The members of SerenTex are lucky to have such talented friends to share their time, projects, and ideas with.

Grumpy said...

Super blog Margaret! Didn't realise you had a separate one for your group. I wold love some of that Welsh tapelace!

Sara said...

Hi Margaret!

You have a wonderful Group!! I would like to have one like yours in Austria, but it's so difficult to find other artists with the same level of craftsmanship! I'm about to begin with such a Group though with a friend and her daughter, who work very good. Could you tell me a little bit about yours?
Do you have a kind of schedule for the day? What do you mean with "you participate in various projects"?
Do you exhibit together? Can you give me some tips for the start?

Sara said...

One more thing. You do all such an outstanding work!