Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hurray. Joan has bought an Embellisher.
A week today she paid me a little visit and had a go on my Embellisher, she took to it immediately and decided there and then that she needed one. this is her first project on her new machine, a needle-case. very nice too Joan.

This afternoon Janine showed us all how she dyes her fabrics and then we all dyed our own. We dyed in bags and then took them home to cure until tomorrow when we can wash them to see how they have turned out.

I wonder what they are studying?

Sue is enjoying herself.

Here is Gaynor concentrating.

Joan is enjoying herself.

Rosemary and Janine are still making important decisions here.

This is Mary's last meeting for a while, she and her husband are going to teach at a school in a poor district in India. Look after yourself Mary and don't stay away too long.


Margaret S said...

Which embellisher do you have? I am seriously considering buying one or at least my husband is for a fast approaching birthday!
I am unsure which to buy, I can purchase an attachment for my Bernina but I am concerned that there may be too much dust and it may affect the working of an ordinary machine. Love to hear your comments, perhaps you can email me. Margaret

Patricia said...

I just found your blog today an I'm totally impressed by your work. I love your landscape quilts . The embellisher is a fun toy to play with.
Keep on the excellent work.