Monday, September 01, 2008

August 26th meeting

I have lots of work that should have been posted before, but instead of doing those now I decided to start afresh and follow with the others later.

This work is really delightful and I'm so pleased to have had a small share in it! when we were in Plas Tan y Bwlch in July I spent a little time with my friend Joan showing her how to use PaintShopPro. She came up with a lovely design which inspired her to make this piece. i'm sure I will be able to show you the finished piece of work before long.

Rhiannon is stitching this lovely dainty jug, which we all loved.

Miriam is working on this lovely work, just using left-overs! Not Miriam's usual style, but she manages to give whatever she does a special Miriam flavour. This time by adding some very pale dyes around the edge of the work. Lovely.

You will love this next one. It's Janine's Ton in progress, I think this is her third and they are all wonderful.

Here we see Rosemary and Janine discussing Janine's Ton inspiration and another piece in progress. We had a lovely meeting.
Our next meeting Rosemary is bringing in some shells she picked on Rhos beach and she will show us how she makes her lovely shell stitching and we are all going to have a go. below is a detail of her work.


Anonymous said...

Lovely work! Does Rosemary have a site where she shows how to make shell quilts?

MargaretR said...

No I'm afraid she doesn't have a blog or website. I think there is an article about the method in an old 'Stitch' magazine.