Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Creating designs

This is a design created by Janine yesterday at SerenTex.

We had a meeting and because I was so disorganised I missed the best part of all. Designing with Sue, I also missed taking pictures of all the preparation of the design work Sue had prepared. I saw them all, but as I had promised to help with some computing, I thought I'd do that first and then join Sue. But as you all know, things that should take minutes on the computer stretch don't they? That is how I came to miss working with Sue. Next time I will work first, then go to the computer.

This was Miriam's design.

As I had missed the two last meetings I had missed the beginning of this design work. Everyone had painted papers and brought them to the meeting and 'played' with Sue's paints and rollers creating works of art from them. I had painted mine ready, but don't worry, Sue let me have the rollers to come home to play with and that is what I did all day today. Anyway to go back to the meeting - these papers then became a vase of flowers, which were then scanned into the computer and converted to black and white images. These were again cut up, creating new designs using various interesting parts of the black and white images.
Below was a design made by Ann at the meeting.

Calico was then painted like the papers and stitched into, and from these Sue had made cylindrical covers, that turned jam jars into very nice flower vases. which is what I'm hoping to do tomorrow.

Here is a lovely padfolio stitched and designed by Rosemary. Below she is stitching another quilt.

And below Gaynor is also busy as usual.

While these two old friends are having a natter!

Some of us thought we could even create a work of art using the rhubarb Sue brought from her garden.

You didn't expect it to turn into a group photo did you?

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Heather said...

I never guessed it was rhubarb!! What a great idea and a great class. Glad to see your friends read the 'right' magazines! Keep up the good work everyone and thankyou for sharing.