Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Gwyneth brought in her collage to shaow us and it was well worth the wait.


Sue is busy stitching her Lutradur card.

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Now are these ladies working or chatting do you think? The lovely quilt is one being made by Janine and I think they are discussing the photos of Janine's holiday in Thailand.


Joan spent a very busy afternoon playing with the Lutradur which I had brought with me again. They looked very effective and I'm sure she will have made a postcard for our next meeting. She is on a roll just now.

Below is our latest project. we are making another group work using trees as the topic.


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Heather said...

I do love trees and they are such a good design source. Your ladies are a very talented group and you all create such lovely things.

MargaretR said...

Thanks for your comment Heather! They are indeed a talented lot :)