Thursday, June 25, 2009

SerenTex Tuesday

When you look at the next few photos you will understand why Chuckie Chicken is going to pick up the tape measure.

Well, well. Just look at this!

And this! Sue brought a Tiramisu cake to share, a BIG one. But fair play to Miriam, she deserves a large piece of that cake, she's just become a Grandmother for the first time. Congratulations to Miriam, Derek and the happy young parents.

Miriam is making this quilt for Isaac her new grandson. There's a lovely story that goes with the designs in this quilt and she will tell Isaac the story one day when he's older. I would like to share it with you too, but I think I'd better have her permission first.

This shows that four heads could be better than one when it comes to designs.

We're all computer literate in this group now as you can see.

Here is Anne's tree design in progress.

This is Rhiannon's weaving in progress. I think it's going to be really special.

This is Gwyneth working on her tree. I love this one.

Mary is busy creating work for her coming exhibition and it is hard going.

Just look at her needle. It got bent as she was pushing it through the fabric!

She had to resort to using pliers to stitch this.

We have two keen quilters in the group, Rosemary and Gaynor. This Bargello work is Rosemary's and is inspired by Global warming, she also had a lovely piece of weaving that I forgot to take. I'm sure Gaynor had some work with her, but I don't seem to have had a photo of it. Sorry Gaynor.


Aussie Jo said...

They are all wonderful pieces.
I love the texture in Mary's last photo, is it coloured lace??
I think I might move to Wales for the Tiramisu!

Fran├žoise said...

What a nice group. You seem to have so much fun together. And the work is lovely!

Heather said...

Your meetings always look so interesting and such fun Mags. I love Rhiannon's weaving and Gwynneth's tree. Mary's work looks very interesting with all those wonderful textures. The tiramisu cake obviously went down well! I am trying to lose a bit of weight and think I shall have to ask other bloggers not to mention such delights!!

Mermaid's Purse said...

There is some beautiful work going on there - I'm sure you're all having a wonderful time!