Tuesday, July 26, 2011


2011-07-25 PTB st11

Here are the two sisters off to the ball!

2011-07-25 PTB st11

Cinderella being supervised by one of the sisters! See how she reacts in the last image? She’s getting very brave.

PTB st11 196

Here they are showing their true colours! But if you think all we did was laugh and play, then you are wrong. The group worked harder than I have ever seen them this year and there was less talking too. All the following work is work in progress and I will show you the finished work soon.

PTB st11 153

This is Sue’s textured wall.

PTB st11 164

A woven work of art by Trish.

PTB st11 167

Beautiful cards by Carol.

PTB st11 166

Jenny is making a lovely embroidered box.

PTB st11 185

Gaynor’s lovely quilted panels in progress.

More to follow!

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