Friday, October 14, 2011


Here are some photos of the AGM which was held on the 16th of August and I think someone needs to take this admin person in hand!

 SerenTex 001

Here comes Rhiannon with something exciting hiding under greaseproof paper and held in place with clothes pegs. I wonder if there’s a possibility it will escape?

SerenTex 003

As you can see, Janine is desperate to find out what it is.

SerenTex 007

Would you believe I was too busy eating to take a photo after the wrapper came off?

SerenTex 016

But someone else insisted on taking a photo of me enjoying it.

SerenTex 017

Here is the  actual serious part of the afternoon.

SerenTex 021

This is the following meeting on august 23rd. This was when we had a few days of Summer weather.

SerenTex 031

This is work in progress by Mary using her new Embellisher!

SerenTex 034

This is Sue’s work using Hundertwasser as inspiration. More to follow.

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