Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Two weeks late!

Our last meeting was exactly two weeks ago and I apologise to the group for being so lax.

SerenTex 003 

There was a good crowd of us there and there are only the ones who decided to wear the same colours. It was such a laugh as everyone who came in took off their coats and we found that we’d all chosen the same colour scheme. Quite unintentional.

I wonder if it could have anything to do with THIS. Never!

SerenTex 009

Rhiannon’s lovely work, missed out of the last post.

SerenTex 001

Work in progress by Gwyneth.

SerenTex 012

This is WIP and I’m sure it has now been finished. Two weeks is  long time and I’ve forgotten whose it is!

SerenTex 015

This is Carol who is wearing black and white and making more beautiful cards and staying with the same colours obviously.

SerenTex 017 SerenTex 010

SerenTex 013               SerenTex 018

SerenTex 027


Heather said...

Ladies of a certain age?!! I'm usually wearing blue/mauve/purple myself.
Love all the pics of work - so much variety and beautifully done.

Stitchety Grub said...

LOL- I saw the photo of you all before I read underneath and my first thought was "Oh my Goodness- they are all colour co-ordinated" - haha! you must all be "psychedelicly" linked :D