Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Exhibition at Mostyn gallery

These are photos of the work made by two creative groups including SerenTex members who took part in a workshop led by Wendy Couling. The other group were members of a Masterclass again taken by Wendy. It was a highly successful exhibition that was first shown in the Adain Avion Olympics 2012 aeroplane body on the promenade in Llandudno. some of the work is also being shown in Venue Cymru and both venues ar e well worth a visit if you live locally or on holiday in Llandudno.

     Mostyn 041  Mostyn 023

     Mostyn 022  Mostyn 024

     Mostyn 026  Mostyn 027

     Mostyn 028  Mostyn 029

     Mostyn 037  Mostyn 038

     Mostyn 039  Mostyn 040

    More to follow!

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