Thursday, March 13, 2008

Eye candy

Here is a photo of some of my SerenTex friends at the meeting on Tuesday.

This very beautiful and useful bag was made by Rosemary who always has some new work to show us.

This is also Rosemary's work but she doesn't know what it's going to be yet, but it was inspired by the sea and sand.

Miriam says we have to wait and see what this one is going to be. It has stitching on it already and you will have to click it to see a closeup.

Here is another one by Rosemary. It was a batik she made years ago and is now stitching into, this is only a small corner of the work, but it's going to be really something.


Pat said...

Rosemary is very talented, I just love the colours and the texture of the batik piece.

Sue B said...

I LOVE that bag!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

I love the last photo, the colours and detail is wonderful!