Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ton Schulten inspired

I have some more Ton Schulten work to show you tonight.

This piece is only at the thinking stage, but here is the page from the Ton Schulten calendar and some of the fabrics chosen.

This Joan's third piece of work inspired by TS and keep getting better and better. This is a three cup bowl and is a lovely piece of work using the colours and shapes of Ton with FME on water soluble stabilizer.

Here is another lovely piece of work by Joan inspired by Ton.

And I think this one by Gaynor is going to be magic when it's finished.

This is my Schulten bag front.
Blogger is a little slow tonight, so I will leave the rest until tomorrow night.


Kentish Maid said...

What a wonderful body of work TS is inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more.

Helen Cowans said...

I love Joans work - I am immediately drawn to the colours.

verobirdie said...

Wonderful again ladies! Great work.