Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Klimt with Gwyneth

Today was Gwyneth's turn to inspire us to do something different at our meeting. She is our Goldwork expert and we are always teasing her that she always has to have a touch of gold in all her work. So it was no surprise that she chose Klimt for her workshop.

Unfortunately things did not go well for us. When I arrived they were all standing around surrounded by bags and boxes becuase whoever looks after the rooms where we have our meetings had gone away on holiday and the lady who stood in for her thought our meeting was last week. Eventually we had someone to open the door for us, but Gwyneth was at a disadvantage. some of us had started to get a bit talkative and by that time were not in the mood for work.

Here is Gwyneth ringing around looking for someone to open the door for us.

She was full of great ideas of things we could do and had photocopies of Klimt's work with her, fabrics, beads and gold threads too. We decided that we would only have time for some sketches and will continue with the stitching at the next meeting instead.

Klimt inspiration.

This is just a photo of a piece of work in progress that Mary had with her. Don't you just love these colours?


Dotti said...

Looks like another fun day on God's great earth! This last photo is stunning. You are so lucky to have access to such scrumptious materials, paints, and fibers. Next time I visit my dad in Seattle I will have, clutched in my hand, a list of shops where I might find such treasure! It is so difficult choosing color, sheen, and shine on the internet!

maggi said...

What a pity your meeting was cut short. I look forward to seeing what you all do with your designs.

Anonymous said...

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