Friday, January 29, 2010

A great workshop

As some of you might know I have not been to a meeting of SerenTex for quite a while for one reason or another. The last two meetings have been very interesting and I had every intention of being there, but unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I couldn't go.

Miriam is going to send me some photos for you shortly. Rosemary had a wonderful workshop prepared which they all enjoyed.

Here is a little extra interest for you all. Lou Gardiner has a month long exhibition at the Bluecoats in Liverpool. She is exhibiting from Jan 23 to Feb 27 and is giving a talk on the afternoon of the 25th Feb, tickets can be booked through Bluecoats. All the information about this and all the exciting things that she is currently doing are on her website Louise Gardiner - Embroidered art and Illustration.
Lou is such a favourite of our guild that I am sure people would like to learn all her news. Her exhibition is entitled Birds of a Feather.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Where are you from?

MargaretR said...

Hi Anonymous. Sorry I can't reply to you personally as I don't have your email address, sso hope you see this. We are a private group of textile friends from North Wales (Conwy Aea)