Sunday, January 31, 2010

Where we are!

SerenTex: Serendipity/SerenTex

I refer Anonymous to this page above which is the first entry to the SerenTex blog.

After reading the first post of our blog I have just realized that the one thing missing is where we are from. How could we have left that out?

We are from a fairly small area of North Wales and our meetings are held in Old colwyn which is near Colwyn Bay. Most of us come from the Conwy area and a few from the nearby Denbighshire Area and we meet twice a month.

We are having our 'Christmas Party' on Tuesday. Yes, Christmas Party! As you can see we are a strange lot, but we decided a few years ago that we had so many other things going around Christmas time we would have ours at the beginning of the year and that is what we have done ever since.

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