Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Development of our concertina sketches

We have decided to work on Architecture this year and the work we did at the last meeting was the first contribution towards it. Then today Sue came up with a lovely idea for using these sketches to further develop them, this work will be shared with you before long. I’d also been thinking along the same lines and will encourage the very few of the group who are taking an interest in computing in using the sketches for designing. Mary was the only one who brought her laptop today and we both spent some time playing and below is one of my efforts using someone else’s sketch.

     ST sketch3      village

Gwyneth was working on a banner and I had every intention of taking a photo to share with you but was so engrossed in the laptop I completely forgot.


This is Rhiannon who has spoiled us all at each meeting by making us some scrumptious cakes to have with our cuppa, which she also prepares and we are all very grateful to her for all she does. This is an official ‘Thank you’ to Rhiannon!

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