Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Carol’s Workshop

ST hundertwasser 013

We spent a very interesting afternoon designing with Carol. We had instructions to bring a sheet of cartridge paper measuring 12”x4”, tracing paper, thick and thin black felt tip pens with inspiration in the form of photos or books on architecture. We are thinking about having a textile project on architecture this year. This was all she would tell us.

Today we were told to fold the strip into four, working on one part at a time hiding the rest. Using our inspiration we designed on each one in turn. When we had finished them all, the sheet was opened out then some additional lines or designs were added to each one to bring them all together creating the final work. It was surprising how successful and pleasing this was. There was a time limit an there was no forward planning. It’s not often we are quiet at our meetings, but today we were quiet until we had finished our work.

ST hundertwasser 014   ST hundertwasser 015   ST hundertwasser 016  

Hard at work.

ST hundertwasser 025

The result.

          ST hundertwasser 005      ST hundertwasser 006   ST hundertwasser 009

                               1                                                        2                                                  3

The first piece of work is Joan’s which was inspired by Effie Mitrofanis.

The second piece was developed by Rosemary from the Doodles Workshop given recently by Gwyneth.

The third piece is another by Rosemary based on a mixed media piece made by Sue Gallacher in one of her workshops and developed into textile.

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Heather said...

That sounds like a fantastic workshop and I love the array of work which resulted from it. The stitched pieces are beautiful.